About Malki Means King

Malki Means King (Samuel Malki) is an American hip hop artist and musician. Born January 28, 1986 in Oakland, CA and raised in the Bay Area, he grew up in Berkeley, CA. Malki is half Middle Eastern (Lebanon / Jordan) and European (Italy / Wales). Malki Means “King” in Arabic, and he uses this as his rap name.

Malki started recording music in 2005. He discovered some friends were making rap music, and was shocked that it was actually good. He ended up recording his first song with them at their studio. Only months later these artists were signed and had a hit song. This inspired Malki to take music seriously.

Since that day, Malki has been making the best music he can make. He draws his musical style from every side of hip hop, but you can always tell when it’s a Malki song. You can tell Malki’s music apart from his voice, it’s so distinct you can pick it out in a room full of people. When you hear him on a track you can’t mistake him.

Over the years, Malki has been working with a passion: with many albums, mixtapes and music videos released – Malki has “paid his dues”. He opened up a recording studio named “B Town Studios” (btownstudios.com). He also registered his music production name “Malki Beats” & opened a website dedicated to selling his productions (malkibeats.com). He also has his own blog “Go Blog Dat!” (goblogdat.com).

Hip hop has made an impact on Malki, and now he is making an impact on hip hop. He gets his drive from his love of the art  and he wants to inspire those around him in a positive way. His faith in himself and in God have led him to become the artist he is today. “I see myself as a legend, I see myself as the biggest artist in music. Through hustle, dedication, my message, my passion for music and God, I will make music that transcends all genres, touches lives and changes music forever. Believe Me When I Say This, Malki Means King Im The Motha F****n Greatest. ” – Malki Means King